Tub Classics – The Joy Of A Book In The Bath

This month I’ve been surgically welded to my iPhone; work emails, train times, Christmas present admin and the tyranny of missing jumpers in the Year 1 Whatsapp group. The only time I’ve felt calm throughout December is in the bath, completely free from digital distractions. For the good of our collective mental health, we really need to make reading in the bath a thing again.

I don’t have many extravagances but sinking into a hot bath on a cold day with a good book is one of them. The more overpriced, highly-scented stuff I can tip in, the better. I love bubbles, salts, oils and once, because of something I’d read in a magazine, coffee, which I cannot discourage enough. I get a bit obsessive about it: it’s like choosing the right wine to go with food.

When is the right time of day to have a bath? Obviously only a psychopath bathes before noon. According to TV dramas, bathing and reading should occur by candlelight (and be interrupted by either a murderous intruder or annoying spouse. Cross out a square on your TV bingo card if your character submerges themselves in the bath and stares up at the surface to illustrate an emotional crisis). All freelancers know that mid-afternoon is the optimum time. By 2pm the heating’s been off for a couple of hours and I’ve been at the desk so long that my circulation has slowed along with my brain. I also need to switch my mindset from ‘high priestess of the Gothic’ to ‘mum’ before the kids come home at 3.30. They don’t like it when I talk about the best way to commit the perfect murder.

I’ll be celebrating the joys of a book in the bath in my new author newsletter. Every month, I’ll review a book I really love, recommend a bath oil to go with it, and give subscribers the chance to win both. I’ll also be telling you what I’ve been up to, and interviewing an inspirational woman in the arts. Sign up here to join the club.