…to my newly revamped website. This is my first blog, somewhere for me to talk to you in more than 140 characters but less than 90,000 words.

I’m writing this in my London study, but this week exciting things are happening for me on the other side of the Atlantic. Today my first novel, The Poison Tree, is published in paperback in the US. It has a gorgeous new cover emblazoned with a great blurb from Stephen King, and what’s almost more exciting for a lifelong book fetishist like me, it has the iconic orange Penguin spine. I don’t usually keep my own books on the shelf in my sitting room but the temptation to slide a copy in my beloved ‘orange shelf’ was too much to resist. The Poison Tree currently resides between A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh and A Sense of Guilt by Andrea Newman. What a sandwich that is.

At the end of this week, The Dark Rose (published as The Sick Rose in the UK) makes its hardback debut. Early reviews have been good, and I’m hoping that the novel does well – I’m especially proud of this book. It would be all too easy to spend this week obsessively refreshing my Amazon page, but I have plenty to keep me away from the internet. I delivered my third novel – title to be revealed soon – to my editor on Christmas Eve. After a blissful January spent sitting on my arse eating cheese contemplating character and plot, I’m ready to return to my manuscript.

I’ll be updating this page soon with more news and reviews, giveaways. In the meantime, I hope this blog will become a two-way forum. If you have any questions about my novels, I would love to hear from you.

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